#NoMoreBusinessAsUsual = The Revolution Solution | Truth11 Films: WARNING Global Extermination In Full Effect

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Global Depopulation Plans

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | Truth11 Films

#Trending?, why not spark a revolution: #NoMoreBusinessAsUsual = The Revolution Solution

In our latest film, we discuss the concept of “No more business as usual”.  Globally we are being attacked daily to further the depopulation agenda.  Mass extermination is in full effect.  False flag attacks, war, agenda 21, vaccines, famine, controlled economic collapse, police state, chemtrials, HAARP, FEMA Concentration Camps, Toxic Food and Toxic Water, …

We must not continue to allow this to happen. We must resist.  We must revolt.   Continuing daily lives as usual, contributes to, allows, empowers, funds, agrees with, advocates or ignores the daily horror that is going on globally.

Our time and effort should be focused on peaceful civil disobedience, military refusal, tax refusal, fortifying our own resources, supplies and defences, exposing the agenda of the elite, regaining control of society and building a global utopia.

Their plan is controlled economic collapse followed by riots…

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