Conflict of the Ages UNCENSORED- Banned from Public

The Conflict of the Ages – The Mystery of Lawlessness – Its Origin, Historic Development and Coming Defeat – UNCENSORED


Found this book on Internet Archives, I figured I’d share.. Enjoy 🙂 DeceivingHumanity 

A rare book banished because of it’s refutation of the hijacking of Christianity by the British-Khazar axis. Now it has been recovered in its original form. Of great interest to those who wish to reclaim American Christianity from the ravages of Scofield and the British subversion of the US.
The first 35 pages are more or less standard preaching, then the book gets into the thick of globalist oligarch plans against Christianity and Humanity around page 60.
Another fact that really makes this book jump out, is that it’s author is none other than the man whose previous work Scofield used to hack the Scofield Bible together. That Scofield Bible then became the basis for manipulating American Christians into supporting the Khazar wars of the twentieth century! Think of it.
That is why, when this book came out pointing the finger at the Khazar globalists and their plans, it was such a shock. Arno C Gaebelein and C. I. Scofield’s name had become almost synonymous among America’s Christian supporters of the Khazars. That’s what led to this book being banned. It has even been scrubbed from Gaebelein’s biography on many Christian websites and bookstore catalogs.

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