Young Alisa And Gabriel The Fearless Children Exposing Evil Satanic Ritual Abuse

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

I haven’t been able to post for awhile, due to continual ongoing health problems, but I have been watching 2 young brave children speak out.

I never thought I would get to see in my lifetime children speak publicly of the evil atrocities committed against them.

For Child Abuse and Satanic Ritual abuse victims and escapees, please if you have been ignored, have fought hard to speak out about the evil committed against you, please continue to do so.

These 2 young children haven’t had the ‘false memory association’ or other nonsense mental illness babble excuses used as some of us adults have.

I know for myself I tried many times as a young child to speak out about Satanic Ritual abuse in Australia and its connection to the Global Organised Occult Network, only to be ignored and silenced.

This of course not only destroyed my childhood, teenage and adult…

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