#Alisa #HappyBirthday on April 24 with 3rd set of Foster Parents and no Contact with Grandparents

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

15 04 07 A and GImagine: for years soon 10-year-old Alisa and her brother Gabriel (soon 9) have not only been tortured physically, but also emotionally and mentally, because they were threatened to be killed, if they were to ‘talk’.

To reinforce such brain washing, they had to touch each other and themselves five times a day. Eventually they ‘talked’, thanks to the observations and insistence of the mother’s partner Abraham Christie.

Some of that their ‘talking’ was recorded on video. On this video they decided to stop doing it all. Then they reported their experiences to a police officer: on 05 September and on 11 September. But after six days in ‘care’ they were forced to retract their allegations on video.

Three months with foster carers in Camden without school, with nightmares, as reported by the foster carers. Then transfer to the capital of ‘paedophilia UK’, Kent. And now a third set of foster parents after seven months!


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