Katy Perry Illuminati?

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Join Isaac Weishaupt as he reveals the occult symbolism behind Katy Perry. He exposes the Illuminati agenda through images and examples of Katy Perry’s mind control, kitten programming, hidden messages in music videos, and more. See the entire article on IlluminatiWatcher.com:http://illuminatiwatcher.com/katy-per…


Katheryn Hudson is the daughter of  born-again Pentecostal pastors Maurice Hudson and Mary Perry. What most people don’t know, is that she has Illuminati blood flowing through her veins. Her grandmother is Pauline Schwab; niece of  Charles M. Schwab. You may recognize this name from his connections to JP Morgan and Andrew Carnegie back in the Age of Industrialization when Schwab helped suppress unions and allow massive flow profits to the steel industry.

charles schwab

Amidst making a small fortune from making World War 1 munitions and rubbing shoulders with President Woodrow Wilson, Schwab was also a noted member of the secretive Bohemian Grove brotherhood. VanityFair wrote a ‘safe’ article about this:

To join the Bohemian Club, you must either be invited by several members, or wait patiently for decades. And then there’s the $25,000 initiation fee and the hefty yearly dues. Judging from the roster, which currently numbers about 2,500, it helps to be patrician, Republican, and white. Grovers have included captains of industry, politicians, and the occasional artist to keep true to the club’s, well, bohemian roots.

The reality of the situation is that the Grove boasts strange occult rituals including that of the Cremation of Care where they burn up an effigy in a mock child sacrifice. There’s a ton of information out there on Bohemian Grove, but the important take away is that it’s part of the systematic plan to continue the sacrifice of children, whether that be literal or metaphorically speaking.

I explore the concept of child sacrifice and the symbolism of the Cremation of Care owl in my book on hip hop conspiracy theories called SACRIFICE: Magic Behind the Mic:

The rapper/R&B singer Drake throws up the Roc diamond but he is primarily known for having depictions of owls on his albums and jewelry. The owl is usually confused as the symbol for the deity of Moloch, but that is not the case. Moloch is depicted as a bull, while Minerva is shown through the owl. The owl shows up near ancient Goddesses like the Greek Athena and the aforementioned Roman Minerva. The symbol represents wisdom because the owl can see through the darkness. His metaphor represents the illumination of education and seeing through pervasive ignorance and deception. Not only do we see the owl on Drake’s “October’s Very Own” label (it gets truncated to “OVO” which is cleverly disguising the owl’s eyes and beak), but also at the infamous Bohemian Grove where world leaders get together and perform a ritual called The Cremation of Care where they do a mock sacrifice to a giant owl God.