DEAR BARNET COUNCILLOR, will you Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Grandparents?

Satanic Child Sexual Abuse ! Lets help these innocent children. Its our job to keep them safe from harm!!

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

The website makes it easy to write to all of them, and I did so once before.

Dear Councillor,

This is an update following my email of 09 January 2015, regarding Barnet resident Ms Ella Draper and her two children in the care of Barnet Council. The children were separated from their mother by Barnet Police on 11 September 2014 – on grounds that were never substantiated, since the children had never suffered in the mother’s care. Instead, a ‘strategy meeting’ on 09 September 2014 stitched up her partner Abraham Christie and questioned her mental health.

The foster carers reported the children’s nightmares due to their father having threatened to kill them, were they ever to ‘talk’. Despite that, six days later, they were forced to retract their allegations against their father and some other 60-70 abusers.

  • The extract of an expert report analysing these retractions can be found here

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