Is Barack Obama the AntiChrist? Did the Abomination of Desolation already come to pass?

You know, I have always had my eye on Prince William as being the AntiChrist. It seems, the time is drawing near, whomever he is, he will be revealing himself soon. More things are pointing to Barack Obama. More Characteristics, More “Proof”. Not only that but the previous post I shared. It shows Barack-Obama-America-and many more words in ..

Take everything here that I say into consideration. But study, and research for yourselves. With Prayer, and Help from Yahweh we will be able to come together and identify the son of perdition. Whoever that may be. 

God Bless Everyone

 Heres somethings over the net that I have found interesting. Take a look, and be the judge yourself. 

 A site proclaiming Obama as the Messiah –



obama allah ring 001


Now we go to the next subject Id like to discuss, or show you what I have found rather. Many claim the Abomination of Desolation has not happen. But there are some who say “Yes, and it happened on 3-22-13.” Which we all know what 322 symbolises. 

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The Georgia Guidestones were erected March 22, 1980. That means in 2013 they will be 33 years old.

georgia-guidestones (1)                            tapestra07_03

The Awakening Sculpture, erected in spring 1980 is also 33 years old.

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